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  • Still today, most people think that hotel consultant is that who can make attractive presentations, provide recommendations, and do the hard work to make strategy implementations. But, we go way beyond that. We as the leading hospitality company in India redesign the term by providing performance-centric, best accountable, and execution role for the hotel industry success.

Hotel Consultants in India – Mumbai – Ahmedabad


Our valued in-house team of diligent professionals for providing top class services to our client.


The combined knowledge of over 20 years, we are the management and consultancy experts.


We are honored for offering comprehensive A to Z solutions for the restaurants and hotels.

Our Services

Hospitality and Restaurant Consultants in India – Mumbai

Our passion for hospitality and collaboration with our valuable customers helps us to guide them from start to the success of their café, bar, restaurant, hotel, and food startups. We are in the business since 2013. Check our main services below.



  • We are the leading hospitality food consultants located in Surat, Gujarat. We have worked with some of the top brands in the industry. Through our restaurant consultancy services, you can run a profitable business with your own terms. We create strategies to incorporate with your requirements of modern yet healthy, and quality yet convenient customer experience.
  • We help you to open, manage, and operate your newly started restaurant without any hassle. You will get a total solution to all your business and branding requirements at affordable rates in all over the india including major cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad.



  • We know that every successful venture has been established on a rock-solid centralized concept. We create effective strategies by critical thinking and research of the market to help you make a sustainable and lucrative business. We also design excellent ideas to support you offer the best food and services to your customers.
  • Our concept design service includes food & management planning, designing the coordination and implementation support, as well as continuous inputs for the support and service improvements.

Creative Branding

& Marketing

  • To do any successful business, the most essential factor is the branding. From the architecture to the look & feel of the different food dishes, the popularity mostly depends on how successful the marketing campaign is. Our passionate marketers crave for creating a new & unique plan for each of our clients. We help you to achieve public relations in most friendly ways.
  • Our branding & marketing strategies offer a customized solution for the digital development of your business and eventually making it a brand. We will work in collaboration with you for the best procurement.



  • Your staff’s effectiveness in assisting the customers is the primary key to your business’s triumph. We provide the Human Resource (HR) management service to understand the strength and weakness of every staff member and then guide them to get the best out of them. We focus on the retention, productivity, and the execution of the new strategies.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you have a single place to operate or have a food & hotel chain in multiple cities, you need an excellent operation analysis to determine where your business is going. We do precisely that for you.



  • We believe that it is not necessary that the best thing always comes with a sky-high price tag. So, despite one of the best hospitality companies in India, we at Roar Group Hospitality will help you to achieve the best of your business goals in cost-cutting manners. As a well-known restaurant consultant in Surat, Gujarat we help you to spread your wings without making big holes in your pockets.
  • We will guide you to improve the overall customer satisfaction with cost reduction strategies. Our senior management team of experts will style and execute affordable planning as per your asset values.



  • In the hotel and hospitality industry, we have gained a commendable appreciation from our valuable customers. We have provided the best plans that we can create according to our client’s budget and requirements. Our experts provided their inputs to help our clients get more innovative ideas for their business successes. Check some of our supreme customers and their business identities.

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